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Wembley Coach Tours  

When you mention the name Wembley, to many it resonates as the famous stadiums where the giants in the Premier league go head to head. But do you know the beauty of Wembley as a town? This parish town is located within the Borough of Brent and is home to many other attractions you are yet to discover. 
We as Wembley minibus Hire Company are ready to take you for a tour through the city. In one of our coach tours package, we will reveal to you the beauty of Wembley and what makes it an ideal tourist destination. All you need is one of our Mercedes 16 seater or a 14 seater Ford Transit if the number is smaller. If you are more than 16, we are confident you will fit in any of our 72 seater Volvos. 
Things to Do in Wembley  
Wembley city holds some of the best stadiums and arenas in England, not forgetting the medieval edifices scattered within town. At night, the city comes alive with concerts, matches at bar, or one of the frequent local festivals that welcome everyone.  
The SSE Arena 
This is one of the oldest arenas found in the city. The SSE Arena is a famous hub for live concerts with energetic performances from both local and international artists. The arena is a little rustic given it has existed since 20 years ago. Nonetheless, the fire still burns as the who-is-who of concerts grace the stage and wow the crowd with their vocals and acoustics. There is food sold in the arena and we are providing you an affordable minibus hire in Wembley coach, so your night of fun is sorted. 
The Shree Sanatan Hindu Mandir Temple 
These are actually two temples going by one name and are located in London town. There is nothing fancy about them but just the brilliant architecture characteristic of most Hindu worship structures. Inside you can learn all you need about the great heritage of Hinduism and how it started in London. But be sure to respect the grounds and its occupants because they take their religion seriously.  
The London Eye 
This is the largest Ferris Wheel in London town located on the best geographical position; right next to the River Thames. You may hear the locals refer to it as the Millenium wheel or British Airways London Eye. All in all, it is a major attraction in London and one that’s worth visiting. 
Eel Pie Island  
While still hanging around in London, don’t leave so soon without visiting the Eel Pie Island. This is a tiny island located within the River Thames directly facing the tideway. You can take a stroll to the island or jump into a boat ride and let the guide take you there. There is plenty that goes on within the island including organised live concerts that go till morning. 
Wembley Arena Pavilion  
If there is an NFL league tournament happening at Wembley Arena, you definitely have to be part of the audience. It is a pretty looking sporting field with plenty of sitting capacity and well spaced for ease of movement. Tickets are bought online or at the stadium with minimal queuing to get into the game. Leaving the stadium is equally convenient, with the massive crowds being able to disperse in approximately 10 minutes. When there is no game or concert going on, you can visit the guides to give you a tour and history of the stadium, and of course get some pictures for souvenirs. 
Wembley Stadium  
The Wembley Stadium is the crème of it all in terms of construction and hosting of top international games. On a good day, you can catch the Barbarians in action as they defend their rugby tournament title. Additionally, celebrities like Beyonce or Rihanna grace the Wembley stadium frequently during their global tours. The Wembley Stadium is where magic happens in both sports and live music entertainment; you can grab your tickets online then wait for the day so you can cease the moment.  
Events in Wembley 
Coldplay A Head Full of Dreams Tour, Wembley Stadium, Wembley (15th June 2016) 
Billy Joel Live Concert, Wembley Stadium, Wembley (10th September 2016) 
England vs. Netherlands (International Match), Club Wembley, Wembley (29th March 2016) 
Saracens. vs. Harlequins (Aviva Premiership), Club Wembley, Wembley (3rd April 2016) 
Rick Ross Live Concert (Feat French Montana & YG), SSE Arena, Wembley (3rd April 2016) 
Hanz Zimmer Live Tour, SSE Arena, Wembley (6th April 2016) 
Years & Years Live Concert (Feat MØ), SSE Arena, Wembley (8th April 2016) 
Disney on Ice-Silver Anniversary Celebration, SSE Arena, Wembley (15th April 2016) 
Why Choose Us  

Through our Wembley coach tours packages, we give you a comprehensive trip through Wembley town taking you to all the best attractions. And if there is a live concert, football tournament or international friendly matches happening, we will definitely get you a front row seat. Visit our Wembley minibus hire website to book your first Mercedes or Volvo coach bus.