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28-35 Seater Coach Hire

Wembley 28-35 Seater Coach  

The city of Wembley is known for its exquisiteness as well as the famous stadium where great premier league soccer matches are played. Then there are the numerous attractions within the city that you cannot go without exploring. We as Wembley minibus Hire Company have an idea on how you can do that. 
What you need is a 28-35 seater coach fully serviced, insured and ready to hit the road. It could be a Ford Transit with plenty of air conditioning or one of our luxury Volvos that ply to all routes within and outside Wembley. For a smaller number, a Mercedes 16 seater will do and it can come with a driver to take you anywhere you want. 
Things to Do in Wembley  

Be sure to visit these attractions and have awesome experience learning about them. 
The White Horse Bridge 
This is a long steel structure, 50m in length, which bridges the gap between Wembley Stadium and the town centre. It gets its name from the ancient White horse used by Wembley police to help bring law and order during the first FA finals of 1923. This beautiful steel creation is the masterpiece of one Marks Barfield and it complements the Wembley stadium standing side by side.  
The Neasden Temple  
Apart from being the first ever Hindu Mandir temple in England, more tourists visit the Neasden Temple just to gaze at the edifice’s beauty. It is said that over 3,000 tons of Bulgarian limestone was pieced together with 2,000 tons of Italian Marble to create this temple. Even more interesting is that London had to source 1000 craftsmen from India to come and complete this structure. The temple is open to viewing but make sure you are decently clothed (nothing revealing) as a sign of respect to the Hindu faithful inside. 
Events in Wembley 
1. England vs. Netherlands (International Match), Club Wembley, Wembley (29th March 2016) 
2. Saracens. vs. Harlequins (Aviva Premiership), Club Wembley, Wembley (3rd April 2016) 
3. Rick Ross Live Concert (Feat French Montana & YG), SSE Arena, Wembley (3rd April 2016) 
4. Hanz Zimmer Live Tour, SSE Arena, Wembley (6th April 2016) 
Why Choose Us 

Our minibus hire in Wembley website is already up and running, so you interact with our customer care team and make your first booking. Besides the 28-35 seater coach, we also provide a Mercedes 16 seater for smaller groups or in case you need an additional bus. We understand the ins and outs of Wembley pretty well, so we will get you to the attractions faster if we are driving you.